Exercise according to your lifestyle

Nothing feels better than starting the day off right with a good sweat from cardio. Now being lazy and waking up slow is especially nice too, but only if you've earned it from the countless mornings you were a good boy or girl and went to the gym. Not being an overly active person, when Icky decided to lose weight he knew he was going to be dedicated, but starting from the point as a mostly sedentary person he knew he had to be practical as well. So he started his weight loss journey focusing mainly on his diet and the more weight that would come off the more active he in turn became. This is ideal if you desire to continue losing the weight instead of plateauing off at some point, because the more calories you burn, the more weight you will lose.


Like any normal person, Icky finds it easier to move around the more weight he loses. There is a higher level of functionality, but it's important to know your body and respond to its cues. If your body thrives on the increased exercise then by all means, go with it and push the limits, however if your body is more resistant to the added movement and cannot cope, you have to relax and focus more on dieting until you can work up to a higher fitness level. Sometimes all you need to add to your regimen is a good long walk. It's easy on your muscles and going uphill will also really get your blood pumping. And it's as simple as deciding to take the stairs instead of the elevator, or to walk to the office taking the longer route just to get a longer walk in, or perhaps just getting up more to move around your house more frequently. Whatever the case maybe, there is no excuse for being completely immobile, unless you happen to have a medical reason, because that is beyond any of us.

The main point is to slowly and gradually make your lifestyle more conducive of healthy activity. No one expects it to occur overnight, but if we start now, with time we will mold our lives into what we see it to be ideally. For some people going to the gym makes them more bulky with muscle, so to stay lean they use Pilates or yoga paired up with a healthy diet and they are set. It's important to find your own means of maintaining your ideal body type and simply following through because it's easier to talk about starting a diet and exercise regimen, but harder to put into action. They say it takes three weeks to form a habit, so aim for a month and hopefully through the positive reinforcement you receive and all the endorphins from your exercise, will motivate you to try harder and be more vigilant about your healthy lifestyle changes.

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