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The football season is heating up and Chad the Stud is thrilled!

Yesterday in football news; Iceland made a historic victory against England and Lionel Messi retires from the national team.

"For me, the national team is over," said the best player in the world Lionel Messi, "I've done all I can. It hurts not to be a champion."

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After losing the Copa America finals for the fourth time, Messi calls it quits. The Argentine-born Messi, who’s often compared to Muhammad Ali, Babe Ruth, and Michael Jordan, is clearly devasted that he couldn’t bring home a major international championship for his home country. Argentina’s 4-2 lost to Chile ignited Messi’s decision to retire from international competitions.

Argentina’s just lost one of the best players of the world today”, Chad the Stud, our in-house football fan said, “It’s Messi’s choice. It may not be the right decision, or maybe it is, but what’s definite is it’s his decision”.

Another lost from the world of football yesterday is Roy Hodgson who resigned coaching for England’s football team. Yesterday at the UEFA Euro, England got beaten by the relatively small country Iceland in a match that resulted 2-1. The result is sadly dampening the spirits down of most Britons who are already in distress after regretting to vote out from the European Union and also as their Prime Minister is leaving.

Chad told me that although football has nothing to do with the social issues going on in the UK right now, if England really wanted to win, they would have done better. “England was a more attacking team. They had their chances but they didn’t convert. That’s why Iceland won.

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UEFA 2016 is the biggest game in Icelandic history, and now Iceland have become the smallest nation to reach the quarter finals of the European Championships, while the British media are branding their defeat against Iceland as the worst in English football history.

Chad the Stud is a huge football fan and he roots for every country. So especially if his two favorite countries are competing against each other, the Midday Vibe host gets excited even more.

This Sunday at 3am, Germany and Italy will be playing against each other for the quarter finals of the UEFA Euro. Two World Cup champions pitted against each other competing for the semi-finals and Chad the Stud can’t wait to see the results!

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