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I've already mentioned that Y101FM is always first when it comes to almost – well – everything. Always First, I tell ya! This radio station keeps on building up flames (not literally) wherever and whenever.

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Listening to your favorite Radio Station but do not know much details? Well this is the article for you!

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Y101FM is always first when it comes to almost everything. This radio station always manages to come up with the most innovative ideas which makes them the hottest radio station ever since it started.

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I talked to Charito, the Y101FM traffic -in-charge/ corporate secretary, about the differences of Y101FM before and after, and without hesitation, she told me "THE LOGO!"

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Let’s go to the past and know about Y101FM’s roots in this trip down memory lane.


John M has been with Y101FM and it is just amazing how he still has that spark which turns the lights on! It never faded, not even once.