John M has been with Y101FM and it is just amazing how he still has that spark which turns the lights on! It never faded, not even once.

It was 1984 when a young John M was just starting to build a name and gaining listeners which he has kept until now. According to him, he had to deal with Vynil before but then later dealt with CDs. Y101FM was the first in using CDs and the CDs that time were very expensive.

John M insists that Vynils sounded better than the CDs. Quality wise, nothing can beat it the Vynil… it was the material of a serious audio file. How I wish I can listen to that someday! Most of us have listened music from a cassette tape, a CD and now mp3.

In the middle of our conversation, his son arrived and shared awesome information. When Y101FM was in Ayala mall, two white girls flashed on John M. Amazing right? It’s because everything inside the station can be seen through the glass.

Amazing how it was before but what amazes me more is that I see John M as someone who I do not fear talking to, but someone who is a really good friend- Someone who I can have fun with and be comfortable around.

I conclude that John M is just the way he is since the beginning since most of the people change as the day pass but this guy here is different.

Really different J

I’ll surely have more things to talk about in the future with John M.

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