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Wingers Unlimited is one of the best chicken joints in Cebu City. They serve fries, beer and soda along their famous chicken wings that arrive hot smothered in at least five different sauces or flavors. The joint also features a special “mystery flavor” of the month to entice its regular patrons to visit back. When a customer orders unlimited chicken wings (which also comes with drumettes and drumsticks), he can get six pieces of chicken at a time and has the option to have each piece or all of them be smothered in the flavor of your choice.

The chicken joint’s popular flavors include Sgt. Garlic Pepper, Major Barbecue, Col. Sweet Mustard, Private Plain, and John Doe. Patrons of Wingers Unlimited will also be delightfully surprised to find the servers using iPads as the restaurant’s eco-conscious way of taking people’s orders. Wingers Unlimited’s all-you-can-eat option also comes with unli-fries, unli-rice, and bottomless drinks. It can be found in three locations- Mango Square Mall, JY Square, and at M.L. Quezon Avenue in Maguikay, Mandaue.

Chicken wings are great, unlimited chicken wings are better, but free unlimited chicken wings? That’s the best! Wingers Unlimited is giving away free food and drinks if you play along to Y101FM’s 12 Days of Christmas this year. The promo runs from December 10 to 21, 2018. All you have to do is tune in to Y101FM throughout the day and listen for the rhythm crew’s directions to locate the grand gifts heard in the popular Christmas carol. The prize pool gets bigger each passing day, and you will get the chance to win more and more. Try your luck today.