big bad


Over 2 million books are for sale starting this Friday at the IEC Convention Center, Cebu. Running for 11 days and open 24-hours a day, Big Bad Wolf Books – one of the world’s largest book fairs – is sure to excite every book lover out there.

Big Bad Wolf Books, originally based in Malaysia back in 2009, is the largest book fair held frequently in South East Asia. Most of the books sold at BBWB are taken from the stocks of BookXcess, a Malaysian bookstore that deals with excess books from international distributors. Andrew Yap and Jacqueline Ng, the founders of BookXCcess, decided to open up the BBWB book fair to encourage more people into books and kick-start their reading habit. Yap and Ng’s mission is also to help introduce books to readers who normally couldn’t afford one.

“It’s more than just books we love – we love the worlds it can take you into, the joy it can bring and how much it nurtures the curious mind.” – The BookXcess team

Having traveled all around Malaysia for almost ten years - then Indonesia, Thailand and Sri Lanka - Big Bad Wolf Books finally arrived for the first time in the Philippines in Pasay City back in February this year. This upcoming two weeks – from July 13 (at 9am) to July 23 (11:59pm), the popular book fair will set up shop at the IEC Convention Center in Mabolo, Cebu City and will open for 24 hours a day, for 255 hours non-stop.

All sorts of books from fiction to non-fiction, classic literature, children’s literature, YA novels and even coffee table books and cookbooks are sold at 60% to 80% discount. Rare collector’s titles can also be found at the fair. Voracious book-lovers tend to bring loot bags at Big Bad Wolf Books as they usually bring a dozen books home.