Havana by the Sea Groove Cruise All White Party

On the night of August 19, 2017, the rhythm crew went to Cebu’s top getaway, Jpark Island Resort and Waterpark to join the second annual House Kissed Havana by the Sea Groove Cruise All White Party.

But before we were whisked away on a yacht, the rhythm crew, with the rest of Cebu’s bloggers and media correspondents,  were treated to a delicious dinner at the resort’s Abalone Buffet Restaurant. That night the rhythm crew could only manage to finish four rounds of courses as we couldn’t possibly select everything the restaurant had to offer. With its wide range of Asian and Western cuisine, and a hundred dishes to choose from, the Abalone Buffet Restaurant is a perfect place to feast til your stomach has no room for anymore.

After dinner, we rode a shuttle cart that took us to the area known as the Coral Seaside or Havana by the Sea where a good view of the ocean can be appreciated, at daylight or night time. There, the House-Kissed All White-Party was just about to start. DJs Cathy Rock and Maf began their sets and provided the eclectic beats by the seaside. Guests that consist primarily of Koreans and Europeans were pulled in by the beat and gathered in front of the stage to drench in the music.

Children below 10 years old were present at the party, too. They seemed to be having an enjoyable time playing with the bubbles dispensed from the foam machine. It was a delightful foam party where soap suds were shot up several inches to the sky and fell to the ground like snow. Several inches of suds landed on the sand, where everyone was free to dance or play if they wanted to.

But the rhythm crew’s personal highlight of the evening was when we were taken aboard the Jokai Yacht parked on the Hilutungan Channel. There we were given unlimited cocktail and pica-pica and enjoyed the view of the calm dark sea and the faint music of the House-Kissed party at the distance. The yacht, which can hold a capacity of about 50 people, was a great place to relax and enjoy the weekend.

The Jpark Island Resort and Waterpark is a place where fun meets luxury. For details and reservations, go to their official Facebook page.

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