Who’s Your Daddy winner

Father’s Day has concluded, so as to this year Who’s Your Daddy promo brought to you by the rhythm of the city and the daddy of all radio stations, Y101.

Marianne Macias, the winner, took a candid photo of her beloved husband Benedict Macias– the lucky dad, which brought them to winning a father’s day blow-out that they will surely cherish as a family.

Now, how did they spent the Father’s day as winners?  

The winner won a lunch for 4 at The Meathouse where scrumptious food was served for them filling up their bellies.  

A gadget from Cliptec and a MEE-2 Smart Watch from Gadget Meister was given to the winning dad.

Also, an overnight staycation with dinner and breakfast at Marco Polo Cebu was also given to the family, including a chauffeur driven ride in the afternoon on a BMW courtesy by The Gateway Group.

Surely enough, it was a day well spent for the winning daddy knowing that he is within the presence of his loved ones.

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