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Set the mood with some old and new goodies!

Parties, concerts and swimwear everywhere. It's getting hotter and we can't help but switch our mindset to vacation mode. Not to worry though, live your lives through these fun (and errr thrilling) movies to watch before you have the chance to let your toes touch the sand:

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Woodstock (1970)

Before wannabe hipsters and all the Coachella craze became a trend, there was the Woodstock Festival. Like today's EDM artists, the likes of Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Grateful Dead, Joe Cocker and Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young were some of the mainstay hit makers during the 60s-70s. An unforgettable moment here in the film is when Hendrix finally shows up just when people thought the show was over. Go a trip down memory lane with this one and if you've just tuned in on the classics, here's a good way to start.

I Know What You Did Last Summer (1997)

Oh yes, a film that takes us back to the comeback of teenage psychological thrillers. I Know What You Did Last Summer centralizes on a group of teenagers haunted by a hook-handed fisherman that made it a point to make them never forget the murder they witnessed the year before. Have we mentioned how dreamy Freddy Prinze Jr. was back in the day or how Sarah Michelle Gellar failed to bring out the Buffy in her? This one's a definitely must-see!

Spring Breakers (2012)

Bikini-clad girls, rowdy partying or James Franco's impressive transformation into Alien, Spring Breakers is worth the watch despite it's obnoxious premise of girls committing robbery in order to party. While our Disney girls go wild, they learn about the rough side of partying and the gangstah life. In an artistic sense, the cinematography makes you want to have the party of your life.

Pauline At the Beach (1983)

Everyone at some point has a summer love story to tell. Effortlessly witty, Pauline At the Beach is one of French filmmaker Eric Rohmer's masterpieces. Cousins Pauline and Marion go on a vacation which turned out to be an entangled journey with adult relationships and a coming of age discovery. Quite moving and profound but essentially makes you look at the different sides of love. Cheesy, huh?

Jaws (1975)

I don't know about you but whenever I'm at the beach I can't help but play the Jaws theme song in my head. In the movie, Amity Island is preparing for its busy 4th July weekend, and little did the visitors know that a killer Great White is going to get the beach closed. The 90's had Deep Blue Sea and Lake Placid's giant croc but who set the standard for deep sea terrorization films? You'll know the whos-who with our big man Bruce.

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