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But as fans, we’re saying yasss, yasss, yasss!

In just the first 17 hours of official release, Meghan Trainor’s No on her official Vevo account on YouTube has garnered over 970,000 hits and we’re screaming “yasss girl, yassss!” Trainor has always been the recent symbol for girl power and positive self image aside from her obvious talent. Instead of the usual pastel-themed vintage set-up which we come to adore, the star is seen donning metallic trench coat and some fishnet lingerie reminiscent of our favorite girl bands from the early 1990s. So the song theme and overall look for the video takes you back to the glory days of Destiny’s Child and Aaliyah. Personally, the only thing was missing was some metallic or brown lipstick!

meghan trainor's no

It comes across awkward when a star transitions from starting off as too sweet to something more mature and sexy. Think how Selena Gomez left us wide-jawed with her performance in Hands to Myself. However in Trainor’s case, she has effectively lived up to telling the whole world know just how confident she is as a woman without having to show too much; as cliché’ as it may sound.

No is a single off her second album Thank You and the grammy-award winner has shared in an interview with Billboard what the overall theme of the album was all about. "Also there's some of my Caribbean influences on this album, which I'm very excited about. Since I was seven, my Trinidadian uncle came into our family -- he married my aunt -- and I've been listening to Caribbean music," Trainor told Billboard. "I love Soca, this amazing genre that's calypso and Caribbean influenced. It makes you feel good and it's not on the radio as much over here as I want it to be. So I want to bring a bit over…. I'm trying to show all the genres that Meghan Trainor can do as a songwriter."

So Meghan, you’re off to a good start with your second album! What are your thoughts, guys?

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