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Fashion sense is more than just having a good taste of style.

With that being said, this one's more than just a music video- U.K. rapper M.I.A. has collaborated with fast-fashion giant H&M in the Rewear It music video in celebration of World Recycle Week.

M.I.A. Collaborates with H&M


To give you a short background, consuming cheap, global fashion brands mean that the shirt or dress you've just bought likely traveled halfway around the world in a container ship fueled by the dirtiest of fossil fuels. A current trend in fashion retail is creating an extreme demand for quick and cheap clothes and it is a huge problem. Your clothes continue to impact the environment after purchase; washing and final disposal when you’re finished with your shirt may cause more harm to the planet than you realize.

In the music video, M.I.A. is seen dancing on a high pile of disposed clothing together with clips of dancers of different ethnicities dancing from around the globe. The performer acts like a signal to the rest of the world to join hands in preserving the environment in a fashionable way.The dancers even included French dancer Yanis Marshall, famous for his high-heeled choreography as all dancers move to the track’s clattering beats and catchy “regenerate the nation” refrain. As the video is almost coming to a close, M.I.A. is seen performing in front of a line of tents made out of recycled fabrics. In my humble opinion, this video is a mix of fashion, music and performance art rolled into one which makes it tickle your fancy if you especially love masterpieces made out of these elements.

If you look closely, it's more of a lengthy fashion ad of the retail giant too. H&M has announced that The World Recycle Week campaign runs from April 18 – 24 and encourages everyone to bring textiles you no longer want to your local H&M in exchange for store credit. So wear your clothes right without doing the environment wrong, shall we?

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