im so tired 1

Over four months ago, on January 24, 2019, artists Lauv and Troye Sivan released a collaborative song, titled I’m So Tired. The song’s lyrics mostly talks about the singers’ tiredness of love songs, which is somewhat ironic because when you examine them, you may see that the words “everybody around me is falling in love to our song,” “killing my lonely nights with strangers, and when they leave I go back to our song,” and “can’t unmiss you and I need you now” are elements of—you guessed it right—a love song! It is therefore very arguable that Lauv and Sivan’s hit I’m So Tired, which expresses weariness towards love songs is itself a love song.

If you pay any attention at all to the song’s lyrics, you will notice that they are maybe just a tad bit [/sarcasm] repetitive. The chorus, which reads, “I’m so tired of love songs / tired of love songs / tired of love songs, tired of / just wanna go home / wanna go home / wanna go home, woah,” is already in itself repetitive. But it gets even more so when it’s repeated SEVEN TIMES throughout the track, which on the flip side only has two stanzas of verses.

Lauv and Sivan are, I’m sure, great artists. I myself have closely listened to a few of Lauv’s songs, and am a pretty big fan of Sivan’s earlier albums, namely TRXYE and Blue Neighbourhood. But this collaborative work just doesn’t live up to what these two groovy musicians could have accomplished. I’m So Tired’s beat is, I would say, well-produced. But sadly, although the song’s only 2 minutes, 51 seconds long, the lyrics just aren’t enough to keep the listener engaged.