out-of-town vacation tipsImage Source: traveloninspiration.com

No work. No school. No stress. It’s the perfect time to head out-of-town, to beaches and to the mountains, and stay there overnight. But like all fun vacations, you need some things to prepare first to avoid hassle.

Here are some tips.

1. Check your car if it’s fit to drive for miles

You decided to drive all the way to your destination. But first, you need to make sure your vehicle is ready for that as well. Check the air pressure in your tires, check your brake fluid, the oil, etc. Make sure all the essential functions of your car are working so that it won’t break down in the middle of nowhere.

2.Bring enough dough

Vacations are expensive. Even though you’ve prepared for the trip financially, things will always go over-budget.  There will always be certain activities you want to try, and that you would regret not doing because you didn’t have the budget to pay for it. There will also be unexpected fees along the way, so it’s better to bring extra money.

3.Bring essentials

You’ve planned to stay at your destination for a couple of days. It is advisable to consider what things to bring and what you need are the things that are only necessary. Bring clothes, bring chargers, your phone, your ID’s, money. Don’t bring stuff that are a hassle. Don’t bring textbooks, your DVD player, or 10 pairs of shoes. These things will only slow you down.

4. Leave your house spotless

Before you go, make sure your house is taken care of. Remember to take off the plugs from every outlet. Close your windows, lock the doors, and you could even arrange for someone to take of your pets while you’re gone. You may have a fun vacation out of town, but make sure when you get home, your house is still there.

5.Download the Y101FM App

The most important thing of all! Don’t forget to download the Philippines’ first radio app (available on both Android and Apple) and let Y101FM be the soundtrack of your vacation.