Solange Knowles Starts the Week With Two New Music Videos

Bey's sis shows us how to handle heartbreak and hair in style!

Solange Knowles has released two music videos to accompany her new album, A Seat at The Table. Both her and her husband Alan Ferguson directed the videos for Don’t Touch My Hair featuring Sampha and Cranes in the Sky.

A Seat at The Table is Solange's 4th studio album and her music video for Don't Touch My Hair features her in a middle of men and women sporting different hairstyles! Anyone who's into hair would go nuts over this one. Solange is seen sporting the classic weave and beads 'do and we can see that she's working it! Hair is a symbol of a woman's pride and the song is anything but superficial.

In the second clip, Cranes in the Sky, we can see Solange bathed in gold together with some women in an almost similar ensemble. Personally, her album can be compared to how paper cranes are made- each fold can be confusing but as it comes together we can see one beautiful piece. There are hints of black culture and experience in the track too and in all honesty Solange is stepping it up as she steers away from her older sister's shadow.

Solange is a breath of fresh air in today's R&B music scene as it tackles prevalent issues without compromising artistry and lyric writing. She's a league of her own and I won't be surprised if we're going to see much of her from now on. A Seat at The Table just climbed up to the top spot on iTunes' Top Albums chart. How's that for a good start?

Solange seems pretty happy how her fourth studio album is turning out. "We put soooo much love into these and I hope they make you proud," she wrote on Instagram of the two visuals. We're glad to know that she's telling her stories her way and that's pretty priceless. "When I first started writing this record I was tired, filled with grief, and feeling broken. I felt so many got to create my narrative and all I wanted to tell my story, our story, in my own words, and in my own voice," she wrote on Instagram upon the album's release. "4 years later I am completely overwhelmed and humbled with pride and GRATITUDE for all of the love I have received on #aseatatthetable . I'm actually stunned still. I can't even put into words. Thank you all. I can't thank you enough."

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