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What happens when you have Bram Stoker, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Oscar Wilde, and Jack the Ripper in one novel? You get your mind blown!

The setting of the book was 1888 in London where a madman, Jack the Ripper, has been killing women causing a huge shock to the country. The people panic as new mutilated bodies are discovered. Bram Stoker, a theatre manager, had his production of Dr. Jekyll and Mr.Hyde closed by the police and suspected the star of the show as the killer. His livelihood threatened, Bram Stoker sets out on a journey to find the real killer himself and the killer also wants to find Stoker.

This book has given me smiles every time I turned a page because it is fantastically written and the story is something you could not afford placing the book down. I always wonder why this book is not known when it deserves to be!

I personally give this book a five out of five and recommend this to people who love mystery and twists!

You may find this book in second-hand bookstores or online.

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