More on overkill 'em in lingerie!

In case you haven't heard, the music video for Kill 'Em with Kindness is making waves on the internet as we speak. Okay we get it, SELENA GOMEZ is way over her Barney and Friends and Disney Channel pop star days. She grew up in the public eye and maybe that's why we find it odd to see her strutting lingerie these days. Selena may look crazy gorgeous in this one but I think her output in her Revival album is still premature to be considered as a 'revival'.


Frankly, Gomez is yet to step out of her Love You Like a Love Song or Come and Get It releases. Performance and presentation-wise, I feel that she's still yet to find her style. Right now all we see are LADY GAGA or BEYONCE; references (Case in point, her recent concert at Barclays Center at NYC). Maturity from her post-pop star days is still far away, we can say she's getting there. But opting for 'Revival' is quite ironic.

Music-wise, the song is an easy choice for late-night lounging at the club. Catchy and glamorous. It's come a long way from her sweet naivety seen (or heard rather,) from albums back. But as you take a closer look, Kill 'Em with Kindness is more of another display of the star in lingerie, going overkill with the underlying message of hard-sell presumed maturity and authority. Lately her songs sing of resentment and troubles and Kill 'Em With Kindness is a passive-aggressive approach to addressing haters. The track is said to be a stance against online bullying and messy tabloids but the single is an irony itself. This is reminiscent of the style mastered by another famous talent today- the art of masking self-proclaimed prominence with a sweet demeanor while trying to sound relatable to fans.

Selena is talented, and has the potential to reach super stardom. We can't deny her sound has become tasteful compared to recent years. But claiming that the content of her hits reflect a 'Revival' at this point is still a far cry to what she proclaims to be.

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