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This is the documentary that opens minds.

Into The Universe with Stephen Hawking comes in three episodes namely: Aliens, Time Travel and The Story Of Everything. I cannot choose which my favourite episode is since all of them are very informative and interesting. Compared to other cosmologists, Stephen Hawking simplifies his explanations and shows really good videos to go with it. His analogy can be understood by a child because it is so basic and understandable.

When I watched the documentary, I felt like a child again- a child who knows so little and is amazed on everything that was taught and was exposed. A child who is encouraged to be more curious, a child who is encouraged to discover, learn and question everything. Of course, I am not going to spoil what is in the documentary because if I do, you will miss the experience of having your mind blown by everything Hawking discussed. I assure you, your mouth will be open the whole time you watch the documentary.


Stephen Hawking is amazing and I could not elaborate his greatness. I recommend this video to children and adults alike however; you should view this at your own risk as Hawking might prove something that will change your mind forever. My mind was changed and I am forever grateful.

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