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How could they make another movie?

True Tekken gamers would never recommend such movie since the first “Tekken” movie did so bad- it even did not follow the original story line! It was such a disgrace. However, people who are not into the game might (might okay?) like it but once you get to know what Tekken really is, you will find the movie ridiculous.

Tekken 2: Kazuya’s Revenge is as bad as the first Tekken Movie. I have seen fan videos or cosplay skits better than the two. Some people did enjoy the fighting scenes however no Tekken gamer did enjoy a minute of it (Dragunov and Bryan with a weapon, anyone?). It had a lot of unnecessary slow-mo effects in fight scenes and it was badly edited. To see the difference of what this funny movie is and what Tekken really is, check out both videos:

Tekken2: Kazuya’s Revenge  (The bad movie)

Tekken Blood Vengeance (The good movie)

Tekken and Tekken 2: Kazuya’s Revenge is similar to the movie titled ”The Legend Of Chun-li” where Chun-li did not even wear her signature blue dress. What’s common with the movies? They are bad. So bad, they make you want to rant about it.

I highly suggest you stay away from movies like this since it is some kind of a joke. They changed every character they can. It’s like a bad cosplay only worse. You cannot even recognize the characters! So do yourself a favor and stay away from these movies. If you really are curious, then enjoy wasting your time! I’m better off playing the game.

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