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The book is a memoir of Nic Sheff’s addiction to methamphetamines.

The story was good and bad. Good because you get to picture the harsh reality of life and this horrible drug and bad because there are times where you just get mad at Nic Sheff for stealing $8 from his younger brother.

Tweak: Growing up on Methamphetamines describes the life of a drug addict- the pain, the craving, the suffering. It is a story of someone trying to stop, but just cannot. You dive in to how Nic Sheff spends his life on his early 20’s doing drugs, doing drugs with girlfriends, with friends, cooking the drugs, recovering and relapsing- yes you get it, Nic Sheff was a big mess.


This book will make you read and read because it will keep you curious. For the writing style, I can say that I found it on average level however; I did not mind it since I was more interested in the story. I did not care much about writing styles upon reading since was not reading something poetic after all and the rawness of Nic Sheff’s writing makes everything more realistic. You can actually imagine a young boy talking, confessing, sharing as you flip the pages.  I believe this book is for the ones who have a healthy mental state and can handle heavy drug stories.

I would give this book an 8/10.

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