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This is a must have for action figure collectors out there.

The Bishoujo Ling Xiaoyu is a limited edition and designed by Shunya Yamashita. It is a very good model although it does not represent Xiaoyu so much. Why? It is because of how she is dressed here. This is not what Xiaoyu would want to wear if you know her by story. Some of the models have some bad paint work but it is not noticeable unless you observe it meticulously.

The face is perfect although it does not look like the Xiaoyu you would see in the Tekken game, it is a good interpretation already. The hair is good and the details are good. The legs are well sculpted and firm- they look ripped-off from the female Street Fighters. The skin details are good too. It is well painted and you see different skin tones on different parts of the bodies (example: darker color on the knees).

The thing we did not like the most was the abs- it was very unnecessary. Xiaoyu isn’t supposed to be a muscular girl and putting the abs just takes the Chinese schoolgirl away from her. Xiaoyu players do not associate Xiaoyu with abs- unless if the model was a Nina or a Christie then it can be forgiven.

Again, the model is really good! We saw a display and we were amazed- it was so beautiful! The face was the asset of this action figure however; it was not the Xiaoyu we were expecting. Anyway, it is still the interpretation of the designer and nevertheless, the designer did a great job.

Item Size/Weight : 23.8 x 15.2 x 14.5 cm / 378g

Price: P6, 000-P3, 000

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