Sometimes we deserve a little pampering, too.

All of us need a massage from time to time especially when we work long hours every week. Before I met my partner, I was pretty much against going to massage parlors/spas especially when I had a suki na manghihilot. But my former masseuse has grown old and my current PT won’t be there all the time whenever I need to de-stress. Hence, my reason for venturing into trying different budget spas or parlors. Today I’ll give you a review on what I think is worth your money and rest assured, I’ll give you prices as well so that you can have an idea how much you are to spend for these services.


The Spa at Cebu

Location: Ayala Center Cebu and Maria Luisa Road at Banilad.

Price Range: Packages range from Php 1,950 to Php 5,500

The Spa at Cebu currently has two branches that are accessible within Cebu City, and although this spa has a significantly higher price than the usual franchised massage parlors/spas, you get what you pay for. If you were to look up reviews online, The Spa at Cebu usually pops up as one of the best in town. What I especially liked was the ambiance it gave upon entering, and their range of facilities won’t disappoint especially when you want to be a bit more extra with your ‘me’ time. Did I mention they also have Spa Suite rooms available for an overnight stay? That way you can get the ultimate relaxation you deserve and crave for. Their facilities include Saunas, Steam Rooms, a Jacuzzi, Pool, Lounge, and Couple’s VIP rooms with a private steam room which is also perfect if you want to surprise your significant other this Valentine’s Day. Overall, aside from superb services, a visit to the Spa at Cebu is an overall sensory experience.


Although it’s pricier than the usual, if you’re willing to shell out for a package/combo, pick this spa as their staff are very well-trained. I think this is also due to having only two branches so their staffs are well-picked compared to overly-franchised spas.

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