loorank 2Image Source: rd.com

Imagine you’re outside the streets of Cebu celebrating the Sinulog festival with the rest of the 1,000+ people. It’s hot, it’s crowded and you’ve been drinking a lot of water all day. Then all of a sudden you need to go find a toilet as soon as possible.

You go to the nearest public restroom and as you expected the restroom you stumble into is the worst. It smells, it’s dirty and there’s puddle of pee on the floor!

It’s times like this that you wish there was an app that you could just check where the cleanest most comfortable restrooms are located. Actually, there IS an app for that!

It’s called LOOrank!

LOOrank lets people post pictures of public restrooms (from restaurants, malls, bars, airports, gas stations, etc.) and rank them based on the cleanliness and comfort you experience. It’s the best app to know which public restroom you should go to especially during times in emergencies!

Download the free app on Android and IOS and start rating toilets around the world. So together we will raise the standards.