gadget buying tips

Itching for a new device? Hold your horses and check this out!

In the next months, expect the unveiling of the most-anticipated releases such as the iPhone 7. But truthfully, buying an electronic gadget is no easy task. According to tech experts, the key here is planning. This will not only help you become selective of what you buy but will save you loads of cash too!

gadget buying tips

Don't rush!
Check your calendar- if you're in no hurry why not wait for holidays and sale seasons to buy your gadgets? Festive seasons are always loaded with low prices on gadgets and you can score even the best deals.

Take time to read reviews!
That sleek design on the Samsung S7 though...but don't let the marketing fool you (most of the time)! Marketing is marketing and at the end of the day companies want to sell. Before you buy any gadget, check for product reviews. Sometimes there's not much of a difference in terms of processing system or design. Because really, what's the difference between an iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s? Almost nothing.

It's good to compare.
Try comparison shopping through different websites. Although this is an old concept, this will give you the low-down on the key similarities and differences of each device. Even notable tech bloggers provide this function on their websites so you know that you're reading based on actual user experiences. This is especially helpful for your decision-making!

As much as possible, avoid buying online.
Scammers are everywhere! When you do want something that's not within our shores, make sure you are purchasing from reputable sellers. But if a device is crazy cheaper than the market value, that's a dead giveaway that the offer is too good to be true. If you were to meet up or have your item delivered, don't shell out your money yet and...

Inspect your purchase!
As I've said from my previous point, make it a point to check the purchase before giving out your cash. I had a friend who wanted to buy a MacBook and the seller sold it to her for 30 thousand pesos. After sending the money the seller cut all forms of communication and took down his social media accounts. You know the sad ending to that one. Meet up at public places if you bought the item online and check if the product comes with the manufacturer’s warranty. Make sure the product is not opened or tampered with and check the serial number to find out if you're getting the real deal or not!

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