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Throw away your baby's old pacifier because the newest baby toy is here.

Pacif-i, a smart pacifier that has all the features you need to make parenting easier. There's no shortcut to becoming a good parent but this technology could really help a bit of work.

Pacif-i is the first ever smart pacifier in the world that can identify your child's temperature and transmit data via bluetooth through an application that is available for Apple and Android devices. It is also able to locate the pacifiers location just in case, you know, your child wanders off. And if your child really enjoys hiding things between cabinets in the house, don't worry because Pacif-i has this buzzer alarm feature that can be activated via smartphone. What more can you ask for?

Pacif-i is not yet available here in the Philippines but you don't have to be saddened about it. 

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