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If you are a Super Mario lover then this is a must-have!

Super Mario 3D land is a new addition to the Super Mario collection and this is, no doubt, the best Mario game to date.

You get to play with familiar tunes and reinvented worlds where you get to explore and play in 3d. If you were used to the old kind of Mario where everything was 2D, you will have to make adjustments with Super Mario 3D land. With its different perspectives but somehow similar gameplay, Super Mario 3D land is a lot more difficult than what we knew on the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System).


I recommend this game to everyone. I am pretty sure that anyone who has this game will spend hours playing. I am not going to spoil anything; you have to get the game yourself.  The game itself costs from P1,595 to P1,988 depending on the store where you are doing to buy it. 

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