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Even if we are surrounded by androids and iPhones, some of us still prefer to stay basic. 

Basic phones are must-haves since they are a lot tougher and last a lot longer compared to the androids and iPhones. A good example is the Nokia 105- it has all the basic features you need from a phone. On standby, the battery can last for a month! Extra features of this little one include: FM Radio, A few games (like Snake) and a torch. 


Size: 107 x 45 x 14mm

Weight: 70g

Features: Dust- and splash-resistant; torch; FM radio; epic battery life

Since it is very basic, this phone does not have internet which is a downside to most phone owners today however, many are satisfied with the basic services this phone can give. For less than an thousand pesos, you can own this reliable little one!  Having a basic phone has its advantages such as being able to have a phone during storms, reliable batteries when travelling and receiving better signal.

The Nokia 105 is great as a second phone too. Since it is not pricey, you wouldn’t mind investing in a life-saving second phone in case your expensive gadget runs out of battery.

This is highly recommended.

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