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We have read about this on our newsfeed, and it seems that the police have figured out something useful with the drones, and it isn’t good news to unruly crowds or protesters.

The police in a northern Indian city said that they have pepper-spraying drones for controlling unruly mobs. The drones were successfully tested and had brilliant results. They have managed to work out how to target the crowd whatever the situation may be—windy or congested. The good thing about this is that pepper is not lethal, but is very effective. It can be sprayed from different heights for different results.


There are pros and cons though. For the good side of it, pepper-spraying drones aren’t lethal and don’t require police to be near the protesters. It actually prevents the police from getting injured due to violence. It can also control better compared to throwing tear gases, since the distance can be accurately measured.

The bad thing about this is that if not flown high enough, it can be damaged by violent crowds, and drones aren’t cheap. 

What do you think of the pepper-spraying drones?

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