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It’s time to put technology to practical use.

There’s not much sense of owning one if it’s all for show right? Better maximize its potential- after all, you aren’t spending tens of thousands (or more) for a device merely used for photographs, internet, messaging, calls and emails right? There’s more to that. So why don’t you install something that might actually save your life? Here are some applications that are potentially helpful. Remember, accidents never ask for permissions.

Pocket First Aid & CPR: At your home, in a mall or in the middle of nowhere, anyone can meet an accident or just have a heart attack. This application will have all you need at the tip of your fingertips. The instructions in the application are understandable and are constantly up to date. Be more confident now that you are equipped with this app- you are now prepared to help anyone who needs some 1st aid. The application is worth $3.99

Pet First Aid: It’s reasonable to have this app if you have pets. This iOS application is just as important as learning first aid on humans. This application has detailed step-by-step videos and illustrations so you will know how to handle your pet. This application also allows you to have important medical information and can be used offline. This application is worth $3.99

ICE (In Case of Emergency): This is an Android application that has been designed to be of great help in case of an emergency. The helper will be able to see who to call and who he is dealing with in only a few clicks. It is more like an ID and can be added on the phone’s lock screen with the application “WidgetLocker”. This application is free for download.

Be safe and be prepared. Install these applications in your gadgets.

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