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Snapchat is a mobile application that enables users to send snaps privately or to their own story (or feed).

Although, it is not your typical photo sharing app. The snaps you send or post automatically disappears seconds after you send them. That is the catchy thing about this cute and fun app.

Just recently, Snapchat released new features for their app to make it even more interesting. The update includes its first ever in-app purchase for “replays”, a “trophy” section which gives you rewards for sending snaps, and a feature that enhance selfies which is called “Lenses”.

Snapchat has been allowing “snappers” to replay just one snap a day for already 2 years. But now, the app now permits users to replay 3 different snaps a day but at the price of $0.99.

Nonetheless, the newest feature that received the most attention is the “Lenses”. It lets you add special effects to your snaps within the app. To activate, press and hold on your face while the front camera is open and the app provides instructions on how to use the effects. There are a total of seven different lenses -- from bulging eyes to rainbow tongues.

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