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“Light” is the company behind the buzz about the latest camera called L16.

It is an extraordinary device, unlike any other. You can take pictures with a quality of a DSLR camera – or better but the catchy thing about this is, it fits in your pocket.

The device is called L16 as it is built with 16 specific lenses that allows out to take great pictures without the need of forcing to put 16 lenses into one camera. When you take a picture, 10 of the lenses shoot altogether and then the L16 combines all into a 52-megapixel picture.

The L16 uses five 35mm, five 70mm, and six 150mm cameras and has a 25-150mm optical zoom. The individual cameras take 13 megapixel photos. The L16 can also shoot videos at 4K with optical zoom from 35-150mm equivalent focal length. The device has a 5-inch touch screen display which will allows you to edit the photos and share on social media.

If you wish to get this beautifully made camera, you can pre-order it until November 6 for $1,299 from their website ( The shipping starts in 2016, which the camera will already cost for $1,699.

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