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The two new laptops, Yoga 900 and Yoga Home 900, launched by Lenovo are designed to work with the latest Windows 10 operating system. The newest laptops are also the first to mash with Microsoft's Cortana personal digital assistant and Lenovo's REACHit app for searching multiple data storage sites at once.

The YOGA 900 measures 14.9 millimeters in thickness and just 1.29kg in weight. It also features battery capacity that is 50% greater compared to the previous YOGA model. This makes it possible to have nine hours of local video playback. The YOGA 900 also supports Windows 10 Continuum, which permits users to easily change from laptop to tablet mode and then back again.

The YOGA 900 Home is designed for desktop use while also providing portability. Also featuring touchscreen capabilities which can be laid flat for photo and video viewing, online chats and gaming.

The Yoga 900 is available in different colors such as Clementine orange, champagne gold and platinum silver which costs for $1,199.99 while the Yoga Home 900 is priced at $1,549++.

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