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There is a restaurant located inside a car wash in Northridge, California that serves home cooked Filipino food. Lilian’s Bread & Sweets is one of those delightfully placed Filipino restaurants in America that can make any Filipino feel right at home.

When one gets their car washed at Cruisers, they can walk into the adjacent store and expect to see air fresheners and other car cleaning products on display. You begin to smell something savory coming from the back and there you will find Lilian’s restaurant that many consider is one of the best Filipino restaurants in the American West Coast.

Lilian Masaya, the Filipina-American who owns the restaurant, says their best-seller is the halo-halo. They also offer combo meals of 2 scoops of rice with your choice of meat (beef, pork, or chicken) and pancit. There are also Filipino-style spaghetti, chicharon bulaklak, ginataang bilo-bilo, kare-kare and many other options in the menu.

The restaurant has been open for the past three years and it continues to spread delicious Filipino cuisine in America.