Korean dishes

The spread of South Korean culture has spread rapidly over the years. As part of the trinity of the Korean Wave- K-Pop, K-dramas and K-Food- the Korean cuisine is a major aspect of Korean identity that other cultures like ours welcome, appreciate and immerse ourselves in.

Korean food is amazing and here are some of the dishes that every K-Food lover can’t get enough of.

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There are over a hundred different types of kimchi out there. Just like bread for Italians and rice for Filipinos, the kimchi is the beloved sidekick always present at every Korean table. Kimchi is a fermented cabbage mixed in different kinds of spices. It is the most popular side food in Korean cuisine and you must try eating it spicy or not.


Inspired by the Chinese, the Koreans turned the noodles chewy and smothered it with black sauce. Most Korean eat jjajangmyeon once a week and they also made it the most popular takeout item in their country.


Tteokbokki is a popular street food in Korea. It is basically a spicy rice cake served with fish cake then smothered in sweet and spicy sauce. There are different ways to improve the street food by adding cheese, or boiled eggs, or just plain ketchup.


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MMMBop Bibimbap

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If you want to eat something heavy, then you can eat this lunch-in-a-bowl mix of rice and vegetables, meat and egg which is then added a dollop of chili paste. The Bibimbap (which translates to “mixed rice”) used to be a dish for royalty only and now everyone can eat it. It’s one of the best dishes to ever come out of South Korea.