Masareal  The sweet, nutty delicacy of Mandaue CityImage Source:

One of the best pasalubong items you can give to your foreigner friends is this rectangular nutty bars wrapped in white paper.

Mazareal, which can also be spelled as masareal, is a popular delicacy here in Cebu. Like the bibingka, the mazareal is mostly linked to Mandaue City with reports saying that it is where these rectangular shaped nutty bars originated.

The sweet delicacy has a distinct look. They are rectangular bars of mixed ground peanuts and sugar wrapped in white paper. A small pack can be bought for P20 and P40 for big ones. The mazareal is a delightful treat for kids and adults who love sweets.  In fact, this is a favorite delicacy for balikbayans to bring back abroad.  

Check out these masareals our friends on Instagram posted.


I haven't eaten these in ages.. Masareal! ??? #nomnomnom #masareal

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Yep all time fav. ;-) #masareal

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