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Although more companies are now manufacturing dried mangoes nationwide, Cebu is still the best place to get these delicious and healthy snacks!

Mango chips, also often called as dried mangoes, can be bought inside your local supermarkets. It is essentially just bits and pieces of dried up mangoes sealed inside a small plastic bag. And it’s the most delicious and healthy snack there is.

Mango chips have these sweet chewy taste that’s so addicting, that it would make you crave for more. The reason for that is probably because the mango chips are made from the best handpicked mangoes grown only in Cebu.

So how are dried mangoes made and where do they come from?

It is also a healthy and excellent alternative to sugary snacks. Mango chips are rich in vitamins and will help lower cholesterol, improve eyesight, prevent cancer, and promote healthy sex!

Each bite of a mango chip is guaranteed to be tasty, chewy and full of flavor. It’s the perfect snack for any occasions!