brown eggs vs white eggs

Why are there different colored eggs in the first place?

First of all, there’s no difference in nutritional values based on whether egg shells are white or brown. The color is based on the breed of the chicken that laid it. Not only are they equally nutritious, but they taste the same as well.

Brown eggs are better than white eggs or vice versa is simply just a myth. However, as far as foods—pasta, flour, bread, etc—go, brown is typically healthier than white. That’s also probably where the myth originated.

So why are there different colored eggs? It’s simple. White-feathered chickens lay white eggs. Brown feather chickens lay brown eggs. The only reason brown eggs cost more than white eggs is simply because brown eggs cost more to produce.Brown chickens are larger than their white cousins, so they eat more food, which in turn costs farmers more.

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