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The hard work is over, and now it's time to celebrate.

You've walked across the stage, taken your diploma, moved your tassel right to left and thrown your cap into the air. Now, it's time to celebrate and eat!

Graduation is a major accomplishment, so here are food ideas you can whip up in keeping with the spirit of Graduation day!

Choco grad cupcakes

Choco grad cupcakes(Image source:Choco grad cupcakes)

This one is a guaranteed fun bite. Make a chocolate cupcake, or even a choco ball! Top off the confection with a square graham cookie, add in some icing on top for tassle and and there you have a bite-size celebration!

Graduation pretzels

Graduation pretzels(Image source:Graduation pretzels)

You can twist homemade pretzels into the shape of graduation caps. You can serve this during a graduation party at home. Don’t forget to remind your neighbor that someone in your family is graduating and share these graduation pretzels with them!

Graduation pop corn boxes

Graduation pop corn boxes(Image source:Graduation pop corn boxes)

If you have someone special graduating this March, then you can customize a box of pop corn to make it pop while you watch that person walk on stage to receive his or her diploma!

Diploma rolls

Diploma rolls(Image source:Diploma rolls)

One of the most exciting parts of graduation day is the moment the graduate is handed their diploma. These rolled-up bites pair perfectly with the graduation cupcakes!

University shakes

University shakes(Image source:University shakes)

To wash all these delicious food down, you need some shake! Why not make a fruit shake that features the colors of the university where the graduate is getting his or her diploma from? Strawberry shakes for schools that feature mostly red or pink in their campuses. Bubblegum blue for schools that are popularly azure and mint flavors for schools whose seals prominently feature green.

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Choco grad cupcakes