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Have you ever tried eating “chicken proben”, the popular street food found every street corner?

Proben or proven is short for proventriculus, which is essentially what it is. Proventriculus is an organ part of the digestive system of chickens. The proben is then dipped in cornstarch and deep fried.

They are usually sold in carts or mobile stalls where they are cooked onsite and is very popular with students and those with limited budget. You can find a proben stand spread around the city. There’s one in Apas road, near McDonald’s I.T. Park, there’s one behind Cebu Doctor’s University Hospital, and one near the University of San Jose-Recoletos. There’s a lot more around the city. You just have to look for them.


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Like most street foods, proven is not for the health buffs. It has very high caloric content and crude fat. Moreover, microbial content can be dangerously high if it is not hygienically prepared and left at ambient temperature for some time. However, it can still be safe to eat as long as it is properly cooked (since heating destroys most of the pathogenic bacteria) and eaten immediately after cooking.

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