Classic Noche Buena Food

For some people Christmas is all about giving and presents, spending time with family, celebrating Christ’s birthday. For the others it’s all about the food!

Every country has its own Christmas tradition. The Philippines is no exception. The Filipino Christmas tradition won’t be complete without the Noche Buena (Christmas Eve Dinner). During this special meal, families and friends gather together to share a delightful meal lovingly prepared. The dishes served usually comes from the family’s Christmas recipe collection, or they can be something special and only prepared once a year.

Here are the most common and probably everyone’s favorite!


It doesn’t necessarily be a roasted pig .It can be chicken, fish… anything that can be roasted over coals,You name it… it is going to be a part of the Christmas feast.

In some households, the lechon baka (cow) or karnero (lamb) is used and can come with the pig but it is always the lechon baboy (pig) that’s king on the table.

Bibingka and Puto Bumbong


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Bibingka or rice cake and the iconic purple of the puto bumbong are Filipino delicacies sold outside churches just in time for the influx of people going home after hearing mass. It’s one of the food that can be found sold in the streets early in the morning, signifying the Christmas season.

Fruit Salad


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Fresh or canned, the fruits are mixed with cream and condensed milk providing color and pizzaz in this cold, sweet dish, making it look distinctly Filipino. This dish is so distinct that it’s been called the Filipino Fruit Salad.



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Hamonado can be Hamon or glazed bone-in ham, it’s a Filipino dish consisting of pork cooked in pineapple (and/or orange, calamansi) juice. It’s a perfect dish to be served during special occasions like Christmas.


Filipino/Pinoy style spaghetti is popularly known for its sweetness. It is made of tomato sauce and paste, ground beef or pork, cheese and a little sugar to have that sweet taste. It is a Filipino staple in parties and on Christmas, it goes head to head with the lechon.

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