Mini Donut Ice Pops

mini donuts are undeniably delicious, after four or five, the taste begins to wear on you, and you're left with a bag of powdered sugar and regret.

So while it's noble that someone searched for a way to enhance the experience of only eating one or two, we don't think ice cream was the most logical answer.

Introducing ice cream into the mix! First here’s the mini donut ice pop!

Mini Donut Ice Pops 1

Some people inject delicious frozen dulce caramel cream into the pop to create the perfect frozen treat on a stick. Added with real chunks of delicious mini donuts, this twist on the classic ice pop is certainly a head-scratcher.

And then there’s the ice cream donuts.

Mini Donut Ice Pops 2

It is considered to be the new food craze sweeping the world. It’s your ordinary glazed donut with soft-serve ice cream as the filling! It is considered the best new food, but there is no indication of who had issued the award.

But what do you think? Maybe it’s the kind of food you need to try in order to believe. Try for yourself. Here’s how you make one.

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