Cactus Burger

Much like “bangus pizza” and “Beyoncé featuring Vanilla Ice”, “cactus burger” are not words or names we ever thought we’d see strung together.

To answer your question, It’s no. “Cactus burgers” don’t contain the prickly thorns the plant is associated with. A cactus burger looks like a regular burger, but the only difference is that it has cactus leaves in it.

The chef preparing the cactus burger uses a sharp knife and carefully cut away any spikes on the cactus. The chef then adds the ingredient to the special burger that some people say tastes like “regret”.

It has been said that the ingredients are supposed to make a bunch of tastes fuse into something delicious. But the “The soggy, chewy, rubbery cactus leaf negates that with the overwhelming, gag-inducing flavor of a month-old melon/avocado hybrid,” according to a food blogger from Cracked.

But then again, perfection has to do with the right ingredients. This German YouTuber shows you her ingredients for her cactus burger in which she eats it after. She also says in the clip that her ingredients actually works well.

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