food mashup trend

Have you ever experienced trying to decide between your favorite food and your other favorite food?

Now you don’t have to choose anymore when you know that you can just combine them together! Here’s a list of food mashups that deliciously work!


Torn between your love for fried chicken and pizza? You’ll never have to choose again with the Chizza, an original creation from KFC! It perfectly adds classic pizza toppings to a perfectly fried chicken fillet. Yum! If you want to build one at home, here’s how you do it.


Combine the donut and the croissant, and you’ll get the cronut! A fried ring of flaky, crumbly, golden brown deliciousness. People even line up at the NYC bakery where it was invented before the crack of dawn just for a taste of the sweet pastry. Here’s comedian Richard Ayoade to explain more.


Here’s something for people who can’t decide if they want a burger or a hotdog for lunch. The hamdog is the answer! The hamdog was just invented this year! It was patented by an Australian man who realised you can run a hotdog through a hamburger patty! It’s so ingenious that it’s unbelievable we only thought about this now!


Also known as the sushi burrito, the burrito, the love child of the Japanese maki and the Mexican burrito, is Tokyo Tokyo’s latest offering. You can build one your own and make any variant of your own choice. Here’s how to make a makirrito.

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