Annoying Terms Used in Restaurant Menus

Would you like some deconstructed fries with that?

Once in a while we love to indulge in a special meal that costs more than what we usually pay for on the daily. Some menu items can put us off especially when they're in French and we end up getting gravy or a plate of ham. Now some menu descriptions, however, are just downright pretentious and full of marketing jargons. Today let's dig into some commonly used terms and phrases we encounter in a pompous restaurant setting:

Some Unnecessary French Words

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Pommes puree is a fancy term for mashed potatoes, jus means gravy and aubergine means eggplant. If you're having a hard time deciphering the menu, Google translate is your best friend.


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An expensive word for mashed, shredded, cut or disorganized.


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A cocktail-sized serving of anything that charges you 50% more.


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It means fried!

Bathed Overnight in [Insert Spices and Herbs Here]

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Just means that that piece of meat, poultry or fish has been marinated overnight...or for just a few minutes.

Wild Mushrooms

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Especially when it's a hella-expensive dish, you better be getting something other than canned button mushrooms!

[Insert Type of Fish] Fish

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Sometimes you're being charged P300 just for a slice of bland, breaded cream dory. Make sure to ask the waiter what kind of fish is being served.

Meat from [Namedropping a farm or type of farm] or Farm-to-table

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Better be weary with this one. If you're paying P1k+ for a piece of porkchop it better not smell like a local meat shop.


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Curated chocolates, curated cheese, curated grapes, curated rice...just use 'selected' because it's the grocer's selection of stuff bought from the store *sometimes*.


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Sometimes it gives you the impression that the rest of their ingredients have been sitting in their pantry for six months.


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Just plate it all on a wooden chopping board and it's gonna sell.


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Another word for 'expensive'. Also another excuse to place foamy sauce and not wiping excess soy sauce on the plate.

Just remember, this article is made for entertainment and there are several restaurants that justify their price. So have fun dining and make sure to ask about the dish you want so you'll be satisfied with what you're getting.

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