Find out How Martha T Celebrates her thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving, or “turkey day” as many Americans are now starting to call this holiday, was first celebrated by pilgrims that settled from England. It was the first time Native Americans and The Americans congregated, and as a commemoration this day was made a National holiday in the United States. Or really, is it just a perfect excuse to stuff your face with all the favorite kinds of meals from the autumn season?

Martha T, host of the Y101 show Bootleg Gold enjoys celebrating this traditional American holiday in the traditional American fashion. With a handful of tight family members from around Cebu, and myself, we celebrated the classic Pot Luck situation. This is where everybody brings a different dish from home to share with the rest. Martha T took center stage though as she was the one who was in charge of cooking this year’s turkey; which was absolutely fantastic – mouth watering drippings and stuffing also complimented this picture perfect bird. She served her main course alongside a couple of side dishes such as Candied Yams (sweet potato), and Arugula Salad.

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Lets not forget that this was a Pot Luck though, and even though Martha T had already won first place because she picked the turkey, thanksgivings main event, it doesn’t mean to say that we weren’t going to put up a fight and try to shock everyone with our own culinary expertise.


Other dishes to show up were pumpkin pie that had been substituted with our native squash which made it even more delicious than using America pumpkins. A home made pecan sponge cake also graced our dinner tables, and for those who are a little more into cold desserts there was an ice box filled with ice and Klondike bars!


As for myself, I of course didn’t want to steal the entire show - ‘LOL.’ I kept it light and simple with a classic butternut squash served with crème fraishe and chives. I also brought to the gathering a dish which consists of steamed broccoli, sharp cheddar béchamel, and bacon bits. And just in case we still had hungry people left over, I figured a huge bowl of mash potatoes would keep everyone stuffed.

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