Why it is important to eat them on an empty stomach.

Fruits are a fundamental part of a solid eating routine. The significance of fruits in a human eating regimen is well recognized. And yet, in spite of knowing this fact, how many people eat fruits on a regular daily basis?

Eating fruits does not mean simply purchasing them, cutting it up and grinding them down to a pulp. It's not as simple as you think. It's imperative to know how and when to eat fruits.

Incorporating fruits into our eating routine, correctly, gives our digestive systems a solid boost by increasing vitamin intake and digestion. Most fruits are high in fiber, potassium, vitamin C and folate to name just a few benefits. These nutrients help fight off infections, lower heart disease, stroke and help maintain a healthy blood pressure. However, increasing studies have shown that eating fruit carelessly, and without proper nutritional awareness could lead to more problems to our health than benefits. It is being said that eating fruits on an empty stomach is more beneficial than on a full stomach.

But why does it matter?

It matters because when a fruit is eaten, there are digestive processes in our body that activate much faster than usual so that our body can absorb the nutrients from the fruit much quicker. The simple sugars that are in fruits need time to be fully absorbed by the body. And when fruits are eaten alone, the stomach can break down the fibers, simple sugars, and nutrients contained in the fruit. This is the most ‘efficient’ way to benefit from the fruit you eat.

For instance, if you eat two slices of bread and a slice of an apple – the fruit is ready to pass straight through your stomach and into the intestines, but this process is slowed by the bread. Instead what happens is the meal rots and ferments in your stomach and turns to acid. Once the apple comes into contact with the bread, the whole meal begins to spoil inside your body and it is this that could lead to other health problems in the digestive tract.

Eating fruits on an empty stomach help to expedite the detoxification of your system too! By properly digesting the fruit on an empty stomach you better supply your body with energy for weight loss and other activities. Graying hair, baldness, anxiety, and eye bags are all symptoms that can be avoided by eating fresh fruit regularly, and at the right time.

Best times of the day to eat fruits are early in the morning on an empty stomach, or as a snack for brunch. It is suggested to eat a lot of fruit during one sitting (2-3 cups of fruit). Consider buying a blender and puréeing it down into a fruit smoothie if you’d like. Just make sure to try to avoid eating fruits before sleeping. There are plenty of sugars that may boost your energy and keep you from sleeping!

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