Fashion Moments in Music Video

Have you gone gaga over these trends?

Our favorite stars influence trends and the way we dress. Oftentimes they are a walking advertisement of notable designers or can be a symbol of a period in time. Today we take a look back into some of the trends that took over your life at some point:

Cyndi Lauper- Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (1983)

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Cyndi Lauper was the epitome of fashion back in the 80s- layers of prints, tulle, unmatched earrings, hair accessories and neon makeup. To this day she remains an inspiration to fashion art directors around the world.

Madonna- Express Yourself (1989)

Madonna Express Yourself

By this time Madonna has become a sex symbol in the music industry and manages to pull off androgynous yet sensual looks with her pantsuit number. The star's iconic cone bra also makes one of its earliest appearances in this one.

Nirvana- Smells Like Teen Spirit (1991)

Smells Like Teen Spirit

Aside from being the ultimate status symbol of rock music in the 90s, the video is a representation of the growing movement at the time- subdued colors, worn-out sneakers, unwashed hair and unblended eye shadow.

Spice Girls- Wannabe (1996)

Spice Girls Wannabe

Face it- all the fashion magazines in the 90s until the early 2000s had spreads inspired by the iconic girl group. Thankfully, the standard fashion silhouettes set by the Spice Girls have made a comeback.

Britney Spears- Baby One More Time (1999)

Baby One More Time

After Kurt Cobain's death, boy bands and female pop stars took over the world. Were you into platformed Mary Janes and knee-high socks? How 'bout a pair of glittery Sketchers trainers? Britney's biggest hit was the ultimate schoolgirl's dream and both high school and college kids followed suit.

Avril Lavigne- Complicated (2003)

Avril Lavigne Complicated

Everyone said goodbye to Sketchers and gone back to high-cut sneakers. Avril Lavigne was a breath of fresh air into the overly girly standard of living. Ever since the release of Complicated, everyone was confident to wear ski hats, graphic tees and baggy short pants.

Kanye West- Stronger (2007)

Kanye West Stronger

If you haven't owned a pair of them shutter shades, you must have lived under a rock. 'Nuff said.

Lady Gaga- Bad Romance (2009)

Lady Gaga Bad Romance

Lady Gaga always advocated on embracing your uniqueness and creativity. Bad Romance took over the fashion world and Alexander McQueen was the name of the game thanks to Gaga's pair of armadillo shoes.

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