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This Sunday is “her day”, so don’t forget to treat your mom extra special!

While the month of May screams burning hot weather, tanned skin and salty toes, May also marks the day we all celebrate our own birth givers: MOMS.

But with everything they already have (bags, dresses, shoes… the list is endless), picking a gift for our own mothers can be very confusing and stressful. I mean, what do you give that one person who has clothed us, bathed us, sheltered us, unconditionally loved us through our worst yet still doesn’t think we are some kind of devil incarnates?

But jokes aside, let’s face it. It’s hard to find that one perfect gift that screams: “I may say a few horrible things to your face (and in my head) from time to time, but I appreciate and love you and I’m glad to have you in my life?

It’s time we’ve outgrown those stickman drawings in crayons and paper-mache hearts (not saying they’re not cute, but we gotta give those a break!) and start giving mommy more than what she’s accustomed to.

Whether your mom is the classy chic or the sporty mom type, here’s a list of a few things you could give your beautiful mother on her special day:

watch mothers dayImage

Mothers can have an awful lot of time getting ready (picking a dress, picking the right shoes, putting on makeup…), so why not get her a silver watch instead? Silver watches have a way of matching absolutely ANYTHING that your mother could possibly wear, so it’s a timeless piece that she’ll love. Plus, it’ll perfectly complement her wrist and will make sure she keeps track of time. That way, when you ask her to pick you up, she can no longer say: “Sorry honey, I lost track of time!


Mothers have that certain smell only a baby can decipher, because that is one way infants know it’s their mother holding them. A body fragrance set will surely be one of the best gifts your mother can receive from you on her special day. Usually, body fragrance sets contain a tube of body lotion, hand cream, body wash and body perfume. And it’s perfect because usual fragrance sets help rejuvenate the skin, leaving it feeling hydrated and fresh. And with all that working moms do, that’s one thing she needs.

Mothers Day Best Totes headerImage

One thing moms love next to us, BAGS! Whether it’s a small, pea-sized sling bag or a gigantic bag like that of Mary Poppins’, mothers just can’t seem to go anywhere without their bag. But hey, it helps when they’ve got everything we need inside of it. A tote bag would definitely make it into the “best gifts to give mom on Mother’s Day” list. A tote bag usually has a plain design and has enough space and pockets for all mom’s lipsticks, first aid kit, powder, purse… the endless list of things moms bring goes on. It would be totes perfect for her!

wallet mothers day giftImage

If a bag is too much, you can always opt for the cuter version: a purse. Usually, a purse can cater to money bills, credit cards, important receipts… which are basically what mothers need to be bringing around every time they go out (they take their shopping essentials very seriously.). Plus, there are lots of purses with different designs! Some purses have floral accents on them, others have prints, others are simply classy and plain. Your mother will surely appreciate you getting her a purse, because mothers love something new, especially when it’s coming from you!

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What’s better than a necklace for mom? A necklace with the letter of her first name on it! Letter necklaces may seem like the kind of gift a boyfriend would give his girlfriend, but mothers would love this thoughtful gift and a letter necklace would definitely make her day.

PS. Don’t give her this gift if dad’s already gotten her a necklace, otherwise she would be torn between you two.

The endless gifts to give mom on her special day can go on and on, but remember gifts aren’t measured by the price tag or the brand, it’s the thought that counts. Don’t forget to add a little note or card to make it extra special! Happy Mother’s Day. ☺

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