Travel Makeup Kit 101

Make transit and beauty stress-free and fabulous!

If you're into beauty and travelling, packing up your favorites can be nerve-wrecking. Don't worry though, I'm here to give you a quick guide on which to bring and which ones you should ditch!

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Bring a clear makeup bag. It's gonna make the inspection process a whole lot easier as you don't have to let those pesky guards touch yo stuff. I recommend getting one of those sturdy, clear pencil cases from the school supplies store. It makes everything look neat!

Ditch your bulky makeup bag. Make it roomy enough for your essentials!

2016 10 13 fashion 2 mainBring a cushion compact. If you think powder foundation can't cut it, a cushion compact comes in handy. If you find it hard to find a cushion compact that matches your shade, why not buy an empty compact and mix in your favorite foundation and moisturizer? Now you don't have to lug around bottles in your bag. And if you have a favorite all-in-one bb cream, just use that alone for your empty compact! I got mine from It's My Cushion. Find sellers who carry these on Instagram!

Ditch your bottles of liquid foundation and moisturizers. Not only does it make the inspection process longer, it can be messy to do your makeup on the plane too! Pressure also makes liquid products blow up when you open them- yep I've been there.

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Bring your pressed powder to set your makeup and blot shine. Now is the good time to make this your bff! Rimmel's Stay Matte Powder is a cult favorite and it's cheap too!

Ditch your favorite jar loose powder. Again, it's gonna blow up in your face and it's a hassle if you're gonna use it while traveling.

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Bring an eyebrow pencil that has a color that's versatile for your brows and for your liner. Make sure this has a spoolie at the other end too to save space! Missha's Perfect Eyebrow Styler is a recommendation.

Ditch your brow pomades, creams angle brushes and spoolies. Make your kit as light as possible!

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Bring your all-in-one palettes. If you have a blush and bronzer duo, bring that. But if you have a palette that has a blush, highlight, bronzer and shadows, that saves so much space! This is the one I use, the Rainforest After Dark Palette from Tarte.

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Bring your favorite tube of lipstick. When traveling I usually bring one nude and one red. I can just mix the two to come up with a pink hue so these two are pretty versatile! Make sure they're in tube form as they are convenient and fail-proof! You can also opt for a lip and cheek tint if you want a versatile product. Tony Moly's Liptone tints are a personal favorite!

Ditch your tubes of liquid lipsticks and lip glosses. Liquid lipsticks are all the rage right now but again, pressure will make liquid blow up and using liquid lipstick needs a precise application!

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Bring a brown mascara that can curl your lashes. You can use this for both lashes and brows to set them in place. And a curling formula can help you ditch your lash curler because girl, you can't risk stabbing your eye on board! Plus, brown is pretty much versatile so again, you want to save room in your kit! Maybelline mascaras are a favorite!

Ditch your lash curler because again, you might stab your eye. Now that ain't cute!

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