fashion 101

With classic films constantly conveying such elaborate and elegant fashions, we see ourselves stepping out of our comfort zones and exploring more fashion-forward, edgier ensembles because of their influence. 

Their enormous, lavishly decorated dresses can't exactly be worn nowadays, but we can alter and redesign such pieces to be more fitting for now. Back then virtually everything fashionable was extremely well put together with sometimes minimal, yet glamorous touches like pleats, bows, satin trims, buttons etc.. All these intricate embellishments created such chic and tasteful looks. They were always so perfectly coordinated and even included cute pieces like hats, gloves, and umbrellas.

The great thing about fashion is being able to take these designs as inspiration and tweaking them into something that is trendy now. We won't ever be wearing crinolines with huge elaborate dresses, however we can take that particular cut of the sleeves, or maybe the embellished neckline, or perhaps the creatively cinched waistlines-- and create something that is relevant and in vogue now. That's fashion! It simply comes around in cycles. So if we like something from the past-- it could very well become trending again, or a similar yet slightly altered version of it.

These days trends are becoming more and more overlapping. We tend to take things we adore and hold onto them. Instead of trends that come and go, we consider an elaborate mix of styles fashionable. If it looks good and you can pull it off then go for it! You wear the fashion, it does not wear you. So if you're confident, and looking chic-- what does it matter if it's not a clear and concise 'trend'?

Trends over the past years have a lot of similarities, they are just tweaked in different manners; like florals, stripes, cut-outs, sheer fabrics, or even ruffles. These are all great styles that have been around for years and will continue to be around as long as they're done right. Being innovative doesn't mean you have to be completely avant-garde, it also means taking classic forms of fashion and altering them into something new, fun, and modern to fit our lifestyles today.

If we take a close look, we'll recognize how vintage style influences just about everything we wear now. There are countless old trends still relevant today like peplums. They are adorable and it also gives us the ability to accentuate our waistlines with an added bonus of hiding a bloated stomach! Whether or not you need it, they are dainty and fashion-forward, not to mention if you have narrow hips-- it helps give the illusion that you are more shapely. Whether it's puffed sleeves, uniquely placed buttons, adding satin trims, or simple color blocking; they are all cute styles still relevant today.

So when you're dressing yourself tomorrow morning-- make sure it looks good, accentuates your body in the right places and makes you feel great about yourself! Trends may come and go, but elegance is timeless.

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