Here’s a piece for the ladies that still want to look flawless even during a surprise downpour here at the metro.

Sure, the cool weather weighs down your usually frizzy hair as well as to minimize oil build-up on your skin but the season often calls for back-up as it promises a surprise shower on a hectic day. There's no need to compromise your usual look, and you always have to remember to use products that are light and most importantly, waterproof.


Although your usual moisturizer, foundation, powder and concealer would depend on your skin type, if you have dry skin you must remember to be generous in the application of your usual moisturizer as the cold weather has the tendency to make your skin drier. Powder will prove to be the best tool to offer a slight shimmer and mask little flaws at the same time. This sticks to your complexion best rather than any kind of foundation. Serrano's Two-Way Cake offers optimal coverage and offers a range of colors made exclusively for Pinay skin. It retails at P399 but you’re on a budget for everyday wear, a great alternative is Fashion 21’s Two-Way Cake and both brands offer a range of colors that suit every skin tone.


The rainy weather calls for a heavy-duty, waterproof mascara. You need products that can withstand extreme weather conditions. Your best bet would be Fashion 21's Double up Mascara at P225. Be warned though, waterproof mascara can be hard to rub off. Be gentle when you cleanse your face after a long day! Another way to brighten your look on a gloomy day is to opt for flesh-toned eyeliner instead of your usual black. It's an instant pick-me-up and it keeps you looking fresh.

Blush and Lips

A golden rule when sporting a monsoon-proof makeup we should choose a mousse cream blush or a cheek stain that can resist the impact of humidity. ELF HD Cream Blushes offer an array of colors that can be paired with your complexion and prove to be long-lasting. Another favorite among any girl regardless of age are cheek stains as well! These products can also be used on the lips as well. Avoid lip-gloss at all cost to avoid it slipping off your lips and opt for lipsticks and liquid formulas that offer a lasting effect. Revlon, Maybelline and L’Oreal offer a wide range of colors and finishes that duplicated high end brands.

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